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From ideas to solutions...

From ideas to solutions...

Customers and partners rely on WAGO innovations to transform bright ideas into solutions that make business safer, more productive and more profitable. From oceangoing Ethernet controllers to terminal blocks safeguarding California’s waterways, read how these customers are improving industry.

Control Design:

Bionic Tonic Transforms German Brewery into Health Beverage Titan

Brewery utilizes fieldbus-independent WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and SPEEDWAY machine-mount I/O to produce a healthy, alcohol-free malt beverage within a UNESCO-recognized Biosphere Reserve.

Design News:

PLC’s Drive Down Cost for School Buses

The WAGO-I/O-System, was compatible with the district’s existing computers, which minimized hardware costs.

Design News:

Roasting Plant’s Javabot Combines Engineering and Coffee

WAGO-controlled coffee machine roasts and grinds beans in seconds for the perfect cup of coffee.

Design News:

Undersea Control Systems Design

WAGO ETHERNET Controllers run navigation, HVAC and more for the “world's first luxury deep submersibles designed for yacht-based operation.” Features provided by the ultra-exclusive personal submarine include WAGO Controller-to-iPhone monitoring.

Electrical Business:

I/O Helps 2010 Winter Olympics go for Gold and Green

WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM enables innovative, wireless HMI to reduce energy consumption for Vancouver Olympic Village by transmitting real-time HVAC costs to Olympic guests.

Food Manufacturing:

Protein-Packed PLCs Automate Feed System for Michigan’s Inland Shrimp Farm

WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM supports Michigan high-tech, inland shrimp farm by monitoring shrimp tank conditions and feeding ravenous crustaceans at precise intervals. I/O system texts farmers if errors arise, ensuring the shrimp stock’s safety and vitality.

Maritime Professional:

High Availability on the High Seas

Half whitepaper, half application, this piece examines how WAGO’s ETHERNET 2.0 Media Redundancy Controller supports safety-critical shipboard tasks and can reduce onboard cabling costs.

Plant Engineering:

Application Update — A/C controls handle the heat of a growing shop floor

Leading automotive supplier relies on WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM, EPSITRON® Power Supplies and TOPJOB®S Terminal Blocks to monitor and optimize HVAC energy usage in their production facility.

Power Systems Design:

Solid State Lighting

WAGO offers a comprehensive range of surface-mount PCB terminal blocks with pushbuttons for the lighting industry, including the 2060, 2061 and 2059 Series.

Pumps & Systems:

Wireless Bluetooth® Technology in Industrial Automation

WAGO whitepaper examines the performance and benefits of Bluetooth®-enabled Controller-to-Controller Communication within typical industrial settings.


Spring Terminal Blocks Help Cooling Towers Safeguard Environment

Roseville, California cools treated wastewater before releasing into local watershed to protect local flora and fauna. CAGE CLAMP®-equipped terminal blocks ensure reliability.

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