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Jul 15, 2013

LEVER-NUTS® 10-Year Anniversary

GERMANTOWN, WI – July 2013

WAGO Corporation’s 222 Series LEVER-NUTS® lever-actuated splices celebrate 10 years of reducing wiring time by up to 50%.

A versatile, labor-saving alternative to twist-style splices, LEVER-NUTS® orange lever eliminates twisting, taping and crimping. Simply lift the lever, insert a stripped conductor and lower it. This also provides reusability, giving LEVER-NUTS® a unique, cost-effective edge over traditional splices.

Simply Safer:

UL Listed, touch-proof LEVER-NUTS® carry ratings up to 600 V, 20 A max current capacity and 105°C insulating material temperature. CAGE CLAMP® Compact Spring Pressure ensures maintenance-free, vibration-resistant connections. Every model, from 2–5 conductors, accommodates solid and stranded conductors AWG 12–28 (one conductor/pole) in one unit. Soon, a prominent WAGO logo will join the molded-in ratings on LEVER-NUTS® housings, symbolizing safety, usability and long-term contact quality.

Simply Anything:

Worldwide approvals and intuitive, tool-free operation have made LEVER-NUTS® a staple among electricians, OEMs and DIYers. Unique applications include:

• Controls — PLC wiring for reverse osmosis water purification system.

• Vehicular — Interconnect lighting/communication devices aboard military vehicles.

• Machinery — Fan motor power leads with capacitor to limit electrical “noise.”

• Appliances — Internal wiring, e.g., commercial laundry, food service and HVAC.

Simply Facts:

• 5,000 miles. If all LEVER-NUTS® sold were lined front-to-back, they’d stretch from Brookings, Ore. (Westernmost contiguous US city), to Eastport, Maine (Easternmost contiguous US city), and return to WAGO’s Germantown, Wis. HQ.

• 480 A and 5 G. LEVER-NUTS® withstands 480 A Short-Circuit Currents (for one second), and vibration from 5Hz–2,000Hz, 5G.

• 5–2,500 pieces. LEVER-NUTS® packs for all projects from clamshells (select DIY stores), to JUGO-NUTS jars and bulk cartons (electrical distributors and OEMs).

For additional information, visit www.wago.us. Contact WAGO at 1-800-DIN-RAIL or info.us@wago.com.

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