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In today’s world, it is difficult to keep up with the constant changes in automation, industrial standards and connectivity. These challenges come at a time of increasing pressure on resources and the demand for continuous professional development. With this in mind, WAGO’s e-learning modules were developed to help you gain the necessary knowledge to keep up with innovations in technology, standards and solutions.

Get your training over the Internet using the easy to use technology of e-learning presentations.

E-learning has definite benefits over traditional classroom training. While the most obvious are the flexibility and the cost savings from not having to travel or spend excess time away from work, there are also others that might not be so obvious. For example:

  • Cost savings
  • Self paced: at your pace based on knowledge
  • Faster: individualized approach allows learners to skip material they already know and understand and move onto the issues they need training on
  • Any time, at any location
  • Downloadable material from each e-Learning module.


As the innovators of the CAGE CLAMP© concept, WAGO has been the world market leader for more than half a century in the design & manufacture of PCB terminal, chassis mount terminals, DIN rail mount terminal blocks, & automation components.

All of which incorporate the CAGE CLAMP© technology. This session will explain how CAGE CLAMP© has set the standard for innovative design in connectivity & the many benefits of this technology in various applications & environments.

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WAGO’s DIN-rail mount terminal blocks, ranging from the 280 Series to 285 Series, now carry a 100 kA Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR). The SCCR originates from changes enacted by the National Electric Code and is represented as UL508A.

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Shield Connection

With its shield connecting system, WAGO offers a comprehensive and very effective product offering that addresses the many needs of engineers when they are considering the shielding of sensitive sensor wiring. Easy registration...


WAGO, the pioneer of the CAGE CLAMP concept, adds a twist to that CAGE CLAMP technology with the Power CAGE CLAMP. The Power CAGE CLAMP is based upon a unique patented, spring pressure technology providing fast, easy, maintenance-free connections for up to 4/0 conductors. This session will provide an overview of the Power CAGE CLAMP technology, as well as the operation and benefits.

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Class CC / Midget Style Fuse Holders

WAGO’s 811 Series – Class CC and Midget Fuse Holders are used to protect electrical circuits from short-circuiting and by extension to protect components such as motors and transformers from damage. While protection of the conductors used in these applications is a requirement of the National Electric Code, choosing the type of fuse holder can often be challenging. This E-learning module will look at some of the questions to ask before selecting the fuse holder for your application and to examine some of the advantages of using fuses rather than circuit breakers. Easy registration...

Power Measurement

With the addition of several new measuring devices and Jumpflex modules, WAGO provides engineers with end-to-end solutions for current and energy measurement technology. Easy registration...

JumpFlex - Relays

Factory automation and process control applications require conversion, isolation & transmission of many signal types. With these systems comes the challenge maximizing panel space, reducing wiring & downtime while controlling overall system costs. WAGO’s new 857 series signal conditioners and relays meet this challenge by offering a system approach to signal switching and conditioning.

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JumpFlex - Signal Conditioning

Signal conditioners are needed in industrial applications to ensure accuracy, transmission, and signal types are compatible w/control systems. Typical tasks of signal conditioners: conversion, isolation, amplification, filtering, & linearization signals.

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PRO Power Supplies

In applications with high output requirements, power supplies must be capable of reliably handling power peaks. WAGO’s new PRO Power Supplies, w/Top Boost, allows engineers to specify power supply solutions that meet the needs of their automation system.

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Transient Voltage and Surge Suppression

Electrical systems in industrial facilities utilize sensitive electronic equipment, such as PLCs, VFD’s, PC’s, etc. WAGO’s various DIN rail surge suppressors offer a wide variety of technology solutions to protect equipment from transient voltages.

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Electronic Circuit Breakers

Selective protection of individual current paths is difficult to accomplish with standard power supplies and circuit breakers. WAGO’s electronic circuit breakers provide 4 channels of selective protection for power supplies without top boost features.

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DC Drive Control

WAGO’s latest addition to the 750 series I/O system is the 750-636 DC-Drive controller, which allows engineers to design in 24VDC drive controllers into an I/O node. This allows greater flexibility when designing systems which involve DC motors.

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Ethernet 2.0

In the past, WAGO has created innovative products to address market demands with cost effective & industry leading solutions. WAGO’s latest addition, Ethernet 2.0, is no exception with expanded memory, faster processors & improved network/data features. Easy registration...


Industrial control systems consist of various devices interconnected in many different ways. WAGO’s Bluetooth module’s robust and cost effective solution has the capability to supplement/replace the tradition interconnections with wireless technology.

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As Industrial Ethernet becomes more prevalent, it is increasingly being considered as a universal networking solution for applications across the factory automation, process control and motion control environments.

The many options available can be confusing & frustrating for engineers when trying to design a solution to fit their application. This module covers: basics of industrial Ethernet, the available protocols & how to integrate management with operations.

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Power Measurement Module

Regardless of application, industrial or commercial, energy usage and conservation is a concern in today’s market. Energy management is essential for organizations that are trying to reduce cost, improve efficiency, & minimize environmental impact. WAGO’s latest I/O module, the 750-493, coupled with the existing I/O system and the over 300 I/O modules offered, provides an excellent solution to your power measurement applications.

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