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SCCR (Short Circuit Current Rating)

SCCR (Short Circuit Current Rating)

The addition of NEC article 409 (and Supplement SB of UL508A) requires all Industrial Control Panels to be marked with a short-circuit current rating. All components within the primary circuit of the control panel must have a short circuit current rating. The control panel will then be marked with the SCCR (short circuit current rating) of the lowest device within the cabinet. Components that are not in the primary circuit, such as pilot lights and PLC’s, will not require individual SCCRs. Only components that are in the electrical power distribution path must bear the SCCR. Terminal blocks have a ‘default’ SCCR of 10kA according to table SB4.1 of the UL508A standard. WAGO has completed additional SCCR testing according to the Supplement SB of UL508A to achieve ratings higher than the default of 10kA. The attached document provides the list of products with increased SCCR.

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To learn more about the SCCR requirements, WAGO has developed an e-learning module to help you gain additional knowledge on this subject.

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