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CE Marking and EC Directives

CE Marking and EC Directives

CE Marking and EC Directives

CE Conformity Marking

The CE marking consists of the letters "CE" in the following typeface: Communauté Européenne (European Community) With the CE marking, manufacturers attest the conformity of their products with the applicable directives.

In addition to the CE marking, the manufacturer provides an EC “Declaration of Conformity” for the product. This EC "Declaration of Conformity" must be retained and submitted to a national surveillance authority upon request.

Fulfillment and conformity with these directives is required for the free exchange of goods within Europe.

EC directives are binding legal regulations of the European Community. Their goal is the harmonization of legal and administrative regulations in the various EC member states, in order to prevent trade obstructions due to different national regulations. In order to launch a product on the market, it must comply with the relevant directives. The product may be subject to several directives, e.g. the EMC and the low voltage directives. For WAGO products the following EC directives apply:

2006/95/EG – Low Voltage Directive

This directive covers electrical equipment designed for use with a voltage rating between 50 and 1000 V for alternating current and between 75 and 1500 V for direct current. This directive applies to products such as rail-mounted terminal blocks, terminal blocks, modular terminal blocks, terminal strips, etc. which comply with the specifications of the coordinated European standards and their specific parts (e.g., EN 60947 for rail-mounted terminal blocks and EN 60998 for terminal blocks).

2004/108/EC – EMC Directive

This directive applies to any apparatuses, equipment and systems containing electric or electronic components. The BAPT (Bundesamt für Post und Telekommunikation - Federal Authority for Mail and Telecommunication) is authorized to draw a distinction between elementary and complex components. Elementary components such as resistors, transformers, ICs, relays, etc. are not provided with marking. As regards complex components, such as electro-motors, electronic cards, thermostats, etc., the EMC directives apply only if these components are sold directly to the end user. All products subject to the application range of the EMC directive must display the CE marking on their housing. This marking proves conformity with the corresponding standards.

2006/42/EG – Machinery Directive

This directive applies to “complete” machines or equipment. The manufacturers of machines or equipment are, however, obliged to use components which meet the corresponding EC directives, such as the low voltage or EMC directives.

94/9/EC Ex Protection Directive, ATEX 100a

General technical information on electrical equipment used in hazardous environments.

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