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Download Wizard

Download Wizard

Do you need assistance when searching for relevant information?

Filter the search results easily by document type, product groups or language and enter a search term (e.g. a part number).

If you are looking for all available downloads for a product line, you can also alternatively search the Online Catalog. Navigate to the desired product line, then select the tab "downloads". You will also receive information or videos for each product group in the product catalog.

Easy download

Mark all documents, files or pages relevant for you and add these to a "Favorites" list. You then reach your personal Favorites list via the menu bar on the right top where you can easily download all data.

With the software download, you accept the general conditions for use of the WAGO software for automation purposes (Software License Agreements).

Random text search

All contents are searched for the entered search term by using the random text search. Entered terms are automatically linked with the operator "AND".

Search using filters

Long results lists of random text searches can be reduced to individual areas by using this function. The individual filters can also be combined.

Reset search

Entered search terms and set filter values are deleted by this function.

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