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Building Installation

Building Installation

The electrical connection sector has been subject to increasing challenges for decades due to ever-increasing requirements. While earlier it was the maintenance-free connections that persuaded users, the time factor is playing an ever-greater role today.

Time is a cost factor not to be underestimated in all sectors and industries – also in building installation. The requirements of the material used as well as the installation are increasing constantly. It should be possible to install electrical systems quickly and easily, if possible without additional tools. Furthermore, it must be possible to provide an optional, quick fastener and user-friendly, quick labeling.

In other words: a module must fit optimally in terms of form, dimensions, current load, handling, touch-proof qualifies, and opportunities for testing and identification, so that the user can implement a safe, long-lasting, and maintenance-free connection in as little time as possible.

In the building technology sector, WAGO offers a complete product line for building installation in addition to automation components. From the "WAGO module" in branch boxes on through to rail-mounted terminal blocks for various distribution cabinets, WAGO presents a complete, maintenance-free product line of screwless connection technology.

Branch Boxes

Different installation modules are used for various applications. This is also the case for installations in branch boxes. continue...

Distribution boxes

The electrical lines of a building are brought together in distributors in order to guarantee a clear and safe electrical installation. continue...

Lighting connection

The WAGO lighting connectors ideally connect solid conductors with stranded and fine-stranded conductors. continue...

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