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Building Automation with WAGO – Winning formula for architects, planners and developers

Building Automation with WAGO –
Winning formula for architects, planners and developers

Efficient and cost-effective are terms used more and more in focus of the building technology based on rising energy costs: about 40% of the total energy consumption worldwide is caused by buildings. In order to reduce these energy costs sustainably, energy-efficient automation for new and existing buildings is coming to the fore: By connecting building system management with modern room control systems from WAGO, an effective way to optimize energy use is offered to you.

Added Value Through Optimized Operating Costs:

WAGO offers an established and programmable control system to meet your needs with the I/O system for building automation. On one hand, you simply connect individual disciplines with each other and coordinate these easily from one central location over another. Flexible adaptations to changing conditions of use are therefore effortlessly possible. On the other hand, potential savings result when operating the building from an energy and consumption data collection of all disciplines via the I/O system. Problem areas can thereby be captured and precise improvement measures can be initiated, which are designed to optimize energy consumption. With the I,O system, you reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions, coupled with a flexible and easy control of lighting, climate and sun protection.

By integrating all room functions in the WAGO-room controls, these form important prerequisites for the compliance with energy efficiency class A in buildings according to EN 15232: You thereby realize a more energy-efficient construction and housing - for example, for "green buildings" that you can certify according to DGNB or LEED.

The fieldbus-independent WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 forms the ideal basis for open and flexible solutions in office and production buildings as well as for automating existing buildings. With the I/O system, you simply incorporate the room automation flexibly into existing power supplies or create your own local network. Available protocols are BACnet/IP, KNX IP, - LON or MODBUS TCP/IP, are available.

Lighting Control

From simple switching to complex constant light regulation, WAGO's products can implement all requirements made of modern lighting systems. continue...

Sun protection

Prompt and economical blind control for optimal vision and an efficient use of energy in buildings. continue...

Individual room control

Energy-efficient and user-friendly: modern individual room control takes over many tasks in a building. continue...

Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation

The automatic regulation of HVAC systems improves the climate in a building – with maximum economy and minimal energy costs. continue...

System Description

Interface solutions for bus systems and subsystems in building automation continue...

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