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Pluggable Connectors

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WAGO offers a wide range of pluggable installation connectors (acc. to IEC 61535/EN 61984), industrial connectors (acc. to IEC/EN 61984), and specialty connectors (e.g., shaft installation for elevators).

WINSTA®, the MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM (MCS), and picoMAX®, provide you with three product series that enable quick and easy realization of the most diverse connection requirements.

The right solution for any application: WINSTA® for safe and time-saving building installation, PCB connectors for device connection, and flying leads for different mounting types.

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WINSTA® Pluggable Installation Connectors (IEC 61535, EN 61984)

The WINSTA® system forms the electrical interface from power supply and distribution to electrical loads (e.g., lights), including data processing (bus lines in building automation).

Connectors for special applications

Connectors for special applications, e.g., elevator engineering, racks or lighting and devices.

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