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Tangled cables are a thing of the past – Connecting serial interfaces and devices wirelessly

Tangled cables are a thing of the past – Connecting serial interfaces and devices wirelessly

757-801 Bluetooth® Module

The new 757-801 Bluetooth® Module (RS-232, IP67) provides reliable and wireless data transmission for more efficient automation applications – no matter whether it is for operation in normal or harsh environmental conditions.

The Bluetooth® Module allows you to wirelessly connect the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 with any external Bluetooth® devices. The fully encapsulated 757-801 Module (IP67) also provides uncompromised protection against dust and water. Furthermore, the serial Bluetooth® Module withstands extreme vibrations and temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C.

Especially in production areas, moving systems are often mounted in locations that are not easily accessible. Standard wiring is the Achilles heel in these areas. Connection to the communication network is expensive. In the long term, it doesn't meet mobile systems' requirements in terms of wear and maintenance. The 757-801 Module as wireless cable substitute is no less excellent than standard wiring technology: It transmits process data with up to 115200 bps in both directions. Highest safety is provided via 128-bit data encryption. With a transmission range of up to 300 meters, the 757-801 Module is both efficient and flexible, allowing for applications in harsh and not easily accessible environments.

Frequency hopping (AFH) for the Bluetooth® radio standard provides reliable and interference-free radio connection. Data is transmitted reliably without interfering with existing radio technologies (e.g., WLAN). The 757-801 Module offers additional features for reduced transmission activity, allowing better coexistence with other radio technologies: On the one end, frequency ranges can be hidden via configurable channel map, that are omitted by Bluetooth®. On the other hand, the 757-801 module's transmitter power can be further limited. Advanced device search for automotive applications allows you to define your own Bluetooth® module's transmission time over a specified period. Standard Bluetooth® features along with additional configuration possibilities make the 757-801 Module ideal for wireless automation applications.

All details at a glance

  • Connection to RS-232 interface via fixed cable
  • Bluetooth® point-to-point connection
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Extended temperature range: -20 … +60 °C
  • Internal antenna

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