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750 Series XTR Adds 20 New Modules

WAGO expands its portfolio of 750 Series XTR I/O (extreme) by adding 20 new modules. The full list includes:

  • 8 channel modules in 8 channel housings
  • SSI Interface and Incremental Encoder
  • CAN Gateway communication module
  • Fused power supply modules
  • Intrinsically Safe digital and analog modules

WAGO’s XTR offering is compact and flexible for extreme locations. With operating temperatures of -40 °C/F to 70 °C/158 °F XTR is dependable in freezing cold, extreme heat and high humidity environments. Extreme resistance to vibration and shock and protection against EMC interference are also fundamental features of XTR. These features make the 750 Series a reliable and efficient solution for transportation, energy and process technologies.

New XTR Series Part Numbers 
Item No.Description
750-404/040-003Adjustable Counter
750-430/040-0008 DI 24 VDC 3ms
750-431/040-0008 DI 24 VDC 0.2 ms
750-483/040-0002 AI 0-30 VDC Diff.
750-537/040-0008 DO 24 VDC 0.5 A Diagn
750-601/040-000Power Supply 24 VDC Fuse
750-610/040-000Power Supply 24 VDC Fuse Diagn
750-614/040-000Potential Distribution
750-624/040-000Field Supply Filter 24 VDC
750-630/040-001SSI Interface Adjustable
750-637/040-001Inc. Encoder 24 VDC Diff 32 bit
750-658/040-000CAN Gateway
XTR Series Intrinsically Safe Modules (Ex i) 
750-606/040-000Power Supply 24 VDC Diagn for Ex i Modules
750-439/040-0008 DI NAMUR Ex i
750-535/040-0002 DO 24 VDC Ex i
750-486/040-0004 AI 0/4-20 mA Ex i
750-484/040-0002 AI 4-20 mA HART Ex i
750-481/040-0002 AI RTD Ex i
750-585/040-0002 AO 0-20 mA Ex i
750-633/040-000Up/Down Counter Ex i
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