Offshore Technology Conference

May 4-7, 2015
Houston, TX

Booth# 171 Outside & German Pavilion

LightFair Int'l

May 5-7, 2015
New York, NY

Booth #2574

New Products:

PTC Thermistor Modules Offers Higher Sensor Density

WAGO introduces a PTC Digital Input Module (750-1425) featuring eight channels for connecting to PTC thermistors. continue...

WAGO Introduces Highly Accurate RTD Analog Input Modules

New additions to the WAGO I/O system expands the functionality of the 750 series. continue...

2061 setting new standards for compact wiring applications

As the perfect connection for incoming power to an LED driver or for higher power LED modules, the 2061 series SMD PCB terminal blocks with pushbuttons accommodate a broad range of conductors. Ideal for PCB-based LED lighting and industrial electronics, the cost-effective 2061 is just 5.6 mm, helping to conserve space and reduce shadowing in LED applications. continue...

World’s first spring pressure terminal block for up to 350 kcmil conductors

Rated for up to 350 kcmil wire, the new 285-1185 POWER CAGE CLAMP® is the only spring pressure terminal block in the market capable of terminating such large conductors. With reliable connection technology, the new POWER CAGE CLAMP® is able to withstand high vibration, corrosion and thermal cycling even under the heaviest of loads. continue...

WAGO's Current Transformers – UL Certification for Current Measurement

UL-certified 855 Series Plug-In Current Transformers join WAGO's product line for energy management applications. The 855 Series units transform AC currents from 50–1000 A to 1 A. Finely graded transformer ratios permit perfect integration into your application. continue...

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222 Series

The all-around connector

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